What is Complementary Therapy/CAM?

Often labelled as Complementary and Alternative Medicine, or CAM, it is described as any therapy or treatment that is used to sit alongside modern Western medicine. As the name suggests it can be used, with great benefit, to complement conventional medical treatment and can even help with the side effects that prescribed chemicals and treatments might induce or where orthodox medicine has not offered a complete solution.

Many healthcare professionals recognise the value and benefits of Complementary Therapies when used in conjunction with orthodox medicine and even the NHS is beginning to include some treatments to help with certain illnesses.

Unlike modern allopathy, complementary therapies aim to treat each person holistically and individually; looking at the whole person, from their initial symptoms and health issues, through associated problems (that may be bought on by the primary issues) and then into the individuals lifestyle, diet, occupation, state of mind and emotional balance – all of which could actually be causing, or contributing towards, the initial health issue.

Each person is unique and so therapies will always differ from person to person, in fact, as a client progresses through a course of treatments, or even one who returns after an illness or particularly stressful week, will almost definitely need their session to be tweaked to suit each new situation.

Many of today’s illnesses are caused or, at the very least, made worse, by the stress and tension or our fast-paced lives. How many times a day do you look at your phone? – let alone hear it ring? Just how long is your list of “Things to do..”?

Whether you are suffering from an illness, feel run-down or just understand the need for a little personal time, simply taking a step back or a little time out can dramatically improve your state of mind and efficiency in dealing with life. What better reason than this to start acting positively towards your body, in order that it pays you favorably in return.

There is no age limit to receiving the benefits of CAM so it is never too early or too late to begin the balancing process. Looking after yourself, your body and your health should not be seen as a luxury – surely it’s a necessity??