Price List

All treatment prices include a full and thorough consultation, prior to your physical appointment, which will be conducted online via Zoom (or on the telephone if this is preferred).  During the consultation I will take details of your medical history along with details of your current health, aches and pains and other issues that need attention.  We will also discuss your expectations for the treatment.  I will then analyse all of this information to create a treatment plan to give you the best possible outcomes.  Online or telephone after-care sessions can also be arranged to discuss the treatment and any rehab that I think may be appropriate – this is also included in the price.

Please see the COVID-19 Info page for more information of the changes I have made to my practice.





Pain Relief Therapy

The consultation for these treatments is more in depth and, in addition, I will also check ROM (range of motion), posture and alignment to enable me to find the source of your pain and formulate an effective treatment plan which will aim to get you out of pain as quickly as possible while giving lasting results.



Online Self Care and Rehab



Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage



Swedish Massage






 Eastern Treatments

Thai Oil Massage          £45

Thai Foot Massage       £45





 Indian Head Massage




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Please be aware…

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, the government guidelines are requiring all close contact services to reduce hands-on times and keep close-contact activity as short as possible. My professional association, as well as most others in this field, are suggesting that we take our consultations and after-care advice online via video call or over the phone and limit treatment length to 45 mins. Do not fear though, I will still be able to achieve great results and give you a fantastic treatment within this time and the additional time will be spent in consultation and catching up and offering advice online via video call or over the phone. Initial consultation will take approx. 30 mins so that I can go through and update/record all of your details and find out about your current aches/pains and issues. Subsequent consultations will usually be much shorter, 5-20 mins, and will just be a recap of how you’ve been since I last saw you, noting any changes and forming a treatment plan for your appointment.


All treatments will be tailor-made to the individual.
Please enquire if your preferred treatment is not listed.
All prices include free consultation prior to treatment as well as specific aftercare advice.