Thai Foot Massage

This treatment begins with massage of the feet and lower legs and then progresses on to include the back, neck, shoulders and scalp, finally finishing with a marma point massage to the face. The therapists’ hands and fingers are used for most of the treatment and a special Thai foot stick is also utilised to stimulate specific reflex points on the foot.

Massage and stretching techniques are used on the lower legs, shoulders and neck to relax and ease tension and energy blockages.

This treatment is great for anyone suffering with stress or low energy and immune system and serves as a real health check for the whole body. The body’s natural energy is released and restored during this treatment and used to enable the body to heal itself naturally. A feeling of refreshed vitality or awakening is often experienced.

Thai foot massage is a great way to balance your energies even if you are not suffering from any particular ailment but is especially useful in helping with:

  • Stress,
  • Lowered immune system,
  • Boosting energy levels,
  • Detoxifying the body,
  • Relaxation,
  • Improving circulation,
  • Revitalising the whole body system,
  • Relieving minor physical symptoms such as back problems, digestive problems and headaches.