Online Self Care and Rehab

What is it?

This is a complete and comprehensive online session via Zoom (or over the telephone if you’d prefer).  We will have a thorough look at your ROM, posture and alignment and talk about any issues, aches, pains, twinges or niggles.  I will then talk you through, and clearly demonstrate, a selection of rehab techniques; ranging from self massage and trigger point work through to stretches and breath work.  I will pick and choose the best techniques from my vast “toolbox” to talk you through an effective session to use on yourself.

By working together we can bring about positive and dramatic change.

Who are these sessions for?

These sessions are highly effective and great for those who are short of time and cannot make it to clinic, and are especially useful for those who find themselves in self-isolation or a local lockdown.  This is also a good option for those who are feeling stressed and disconnected as it can be extremely nourishing to give yourself the time to work on yourself!

These sessions can be recorded and sent to you so that you have access to them whenever you need in case you forget how to do some of the techniques!

This is a relatively new way of working in the massage industry, the feedback I’ve been getting is fantastic and I’m starting to wonder why we’ve never done it before!  It is really empowering to learn the tools to be able to help yourself and loved ones who are in pain, and to be in control of how your body feels.  If you have a willing friend or partner I can even show them the tips and tricks to use to help you too!

Worried about video calling?

If you’re new to, or worried about, video calling there is no need to worry.  It is really simple to use and actually starts to feel quite natural once you get into conversation – I’ll be honest, I hated it at first!  If this is something that you’d be interested in, but are a little unsure, just give me a call and I can talk you through it and we can give it a test run!