COVID-19 Info

I am super excited to be able to start working with you and supporting you. The world is a bit of a strange place at the moment so it is only natural that you might have one or two concerns about resuming close contact with someone outside of your household, so I have put together this info pack to let you know some of the measures I have put in place to help protect your health and wellbeing at this time….it’s quite long, so bear with me! 😉

I have completed a certified infection control course and consulted with guidelines set out by the government and my professional association, The Federation of Holistic Therapists and also the General Council for Massage Therapists. After completing a lengthy review and risk assessment of my practices I have become aware that it is not ethical or responsible for me to work in the way that I was before and so many changes need to be made to mitigate the risk of infection to both my valued clients, myself and my family. It is also my public health responsibility. However, change is not always a bad thing and I will now be offering a new enhanced service!

The government guidelines are requiring all close contact services to reduce hands-on times and keep close-contact activity as short as possible. My professional association, as well as most others in this field, are suggesting that we take our consultations and after-care advice online via video call or over the phone and limit treatment length to 45 mins. Do not fear though, I will still be able to achieve great results and give you a fantastic treatment within this time and the additional time will be spent in consultation and catching up and offering advice online via video call or over the phone. Initial consultation will take approx. 30 mins so that I can go through and update/record all of your details and find out about your current aches/pains and issues. Subsequent consultations will usually be much shorter, 5-20 mins, and will just be a recap of how you’ve been since I last saw you, noting any changes and forming a treatment plan for your appointment.

I will be wearing a wonderful assortment of PPE; mask, visor, gloves and apron! To keep you and my other clients safe I will be increasing my time in between appointments in order to thoroughly ventilate and deep clean the room and all other accessible areas between each client. I will also be changing my PPE for each client and taking my own temperature and screening myself for symptoms in both the morning and at lunchtime to check for any changes.

Important Points;

  1. Please do NOT attend if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (cough, fever, loss of taste/smell, rash) and inform me asap – I have amended my cancellation policy accordingly, please see the bottom of the page for details of this.
  2. Consultation must be completed prior to your treatment appointment.
  3. Please wear a mask or face covering when you arrive and for your entire treatment and only remove your mask/face covering after you have left the building.
  4. Given that the greatest risk of infection comes from spittle particles and spray when talking, it is with a heavy heart that I ask that we keep talking to a minimum….again, change isn’t always a bad thing, and this may give you more of an opportunity to relax and reap even more benefits from your treatment!
  5. It is compulsory for me to conduct pre-treatment COVID-19 screening prior to each and every appointment for the foreseeable future. I will send you the link to a form to complete with your appointment reminder. Please complete this form asap and return it to me prior to each appointment. (The form must be completed no more than 48 hours prior to treatment.)
  6. Please try to use the bathroom prior to attending your appointment as I would rather keep this area out of bounds….it will of course be accessible if necessary.
  7. It will make life easier if you could wear loose fitting footwear as I will be asking you to remove your shoes on arrival.
  8. Please pay for treatment prior to arrival via bank transfer, to avoid handling of cash and payment machines. If this is not possible then do get in touch and we can make other arrangements.
  9. Should I be contacted by NHS Test & Trace it is now mandatory to pass over your contact details. If you are not comfortable with this then I am afraid I will have to decline treatment at this time.

On the Day of Your Appointment;

  1. If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (Cough, fever, loss of taste/smell or any unusual rash) it is important that you do NOT attend and inform me of this as soon as possible….if in doubt, give me a call.
  2. Please ensure you have completed, signed and returned your COVID-19 screening form. (If you are, or are bringing, a guardian/chaperone each person must complete the screening form)
  3. Please complete payment via bank transfer if possible,
  4. If you are a key worker or NHS Frontline staff please change out of your work clothes and shower before attending your appointment.
  5. Where possible please leave bags, coats etc at home or hidden in your car.
  6. Please bring your own water bottle and wear a mask or face covering (I will have some spare if you forget).
  7. To avoid any cross over, please wait outside or in your car until I come out to collect you.

At Your Appointment;

  1. I will take your temperature (if it is above 37.8°C I will have to decline treatment and suggest you self-isolate for 14 days.)
  2. Please try to keep conversation to a minimum, but please do make me aware of any changes since our consultation.
  3. On arrival please use the provided sanitiser to sanitise your hands.
  4. You will be required to remove shoes on arrival.
  5. Place all belongings and clothes in the box provided and replace the lid.
  6. Make yourself comfy on the table under the new sheets and blankets!

At the End of Treatment;

  1. Leave sheets and blankets on the table and redress.
  2. Keep your mask on until you leave the building.
  3. Rebook your next treatment if you haven’t done so already.

I am also offering Online Self-Help Sessions, where I will talk you through methods, techniques and stretches to use on yourself or loved ones – This is the ideal option should any self-isolation or another lockdown occur, or even if you are tight on time and unable to make it for a treatment.

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss your next appointment, please do not hesitate to get in touch. It is very important to me that you feel comfortable coming for treatments, so please feel free to ask me anything, no matter how small.

I look forward to meeting you/seeing you again, but in the meantime, stay safe and well.
Best wishes,